Field Training of Future Air Force and Air Defence NCOs

Monday, 25.7.2022 | Training
At Peskovi Training Ground near Požarevac, Air Force and Air Defence NCO Course participants, 3rd class, are currently receiving their field training.

The participants are civilian candidates who met all requirements from the February competition and mastered successfully the 1st training module for the position of a Serbian Armed Forces NCO.

During their training at Peskovi Training Ground, they acquire practical knowledge and skills in performing initial NCO duties and commanding a group, crew and team, and for such purposes they go through leadership, military topography, tactics and fire training contents.

Upon concluding their field training, the course participants will be referred to specialist training in the Air Force and Air Defence Training Centre to receive practical training in handling branch/service-specific assets, after which they will do their internship in SAF units until the end of the course.

Training civilian candidates to become Air Force and Air Defence NCOs takes six months and consists of four modules. Those who complete successfully all the contents will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant and become SAF officers.

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