UN Staff Officers Course-Pilot Project

Thursday, 29.2.2024 | Training
At the “South” Base near Bujanovac, a course for staff officers in peacekeeping operations-pilot project is underway, organized by the United Nations Integrated Training Service and with the support of the Serbian Armed Forces’ Peacekeeping Operations Centre.

This is a specialized course intended to confirm the quality and acceptability of the new material for staff officers’ training before it is approved by the UN and forwarded for use by the countries whose forces participate in peacekeeping operations under the auspices of this international organization.

In this way, the applicable UN standards and procedures will be improved, ensuring uniform implementation of the most modern approach in the work of the peacekeeping forces’ military component, and selecting our Centre for the host of the course is a confirmation of the quality of training and preparations conducted in the Serbian Armed Forces for the needs of participation in peacekeeping operations.

The two-week training course is attended by members of the Serbian Armed Forces and armed forces from 17 foreign countries, all of whom have previous experience in training or fulfilling the duties of staff officers in the missions, and it is delivered by the UN Integrated Service’s Instructor Team.

Conduct of this course in the Republic of Serbia contributes additionally to the affirmation of our country as a state truly committed to building and safeguarding peace in the region and the world.

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