International Course at CBRN Training Centre

Wednesday, 26.4.2023 | Training
The Serbian Armed Forces CBRN Training Centre, Kruševac, has been delivering an international CBRN course this week.

The course participants are members of armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, China, Hungary, United States of America, Slovenia and Spain. The five-day training activity is an opportunity for them to perfect their skills in this domain and learn how to use assets for protection from the effects of CBRN weapons and perform decontamination of people, facilities and soil.

At the training activity, delivered by certified CBRN Centre’s instructors, devices and equipment employed by SAF are used. Except for theoretical lessons, the Curriculum also entails practical exercises performed in a laboratory and at “Ravnjak” Training Ground, so that participants could learn how to use specialized instruments and calculate the reliability of protective assets and equipment in the conditions of CBRN attack.

The fact that members of the armed forces from four continents attend this training speaks best of the reputation enjoyed by our Centre globally, and is confirmation of the quality of SAF CBRN training as well as competence of SAF instructors in this field.

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