Training of MP Unit for Participation in Peacekeeping Operations

Tuesday, 5.9.2023 | Training
At the “South” Base and “Borovac” Training Ground, an MP unit from the Army is going through intense period of training for participation in multinational operations under the Operational Capabilities Concept.

This is a training activity during which the prescribed tactics, techniques and procedures are applied in order to achieve interoperability of forces from different countries and enable successful execution of MP tasks in an international environment.

In this training phase, MP platoon members practice the execution of collective tasks that could await them in multinational operations, such as control of mass gatherings, establishment of checkpoints, patrolling, blocking and searching the terrain, conducting investigations, collecting and processing evidence.

In the coming period, they are expected to conduct a tactical field exercise at the “Borovac” Training Ground and “South” Base, when the unit’s capability and interoperability will be checked and evaluated.

The Operational Capabilities Concept is one of the PfP cooperation forms through the implementation of which the Serbian Armed Forces reach interoperability standards and develop operational capabilities of the units declared for participation in peacekeeping operations.

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