General Diković Visits the Company PPT Namenska in Trstenik

Tuesday, 24.7.2018 | CHOD's Activities

General Ljubiša Diković,, Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, with the members of his extended collegium, has visited today the company for the production of defence products PPT Namenska from Trstenik.

During his visit to the factory in Trstenik, the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubiša Diković was presented facilities, business results and plans for the further development of that joint stock company, whose main activity is the production of weapons and ammunition.
In the continuation of the visit, General Diković, accompanied by Director General of PPT Namenska Anđelka Atansković, visited the hall for the production of system components, the testing laboratory and the plant for the assembly of finished products at the Army Hall and the Air Force and Air Defence Hall, which has been rebuilt recently with the help of the state.
According to General Diković, the factory in Trstenik represents a very good example of a company that has overcome the difficulties, employing its own knowledge, enthusiasm and capacities, with the help of the state leadership, and which today operates with a positive balance and is successfully present on the domestic and international market.
– Bearing in mind the importance of the development of domestic industry, we are lucky that in Serbia, there is such a successful company whose products we can use, General Diković said, among other things.
Today in Trstenik a session of the extended collegium of the Chief of General Staff was held, where, among other things, the participants considered and analysed security situation in the country and the operational and functional capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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