SpecialistTraining of Soldiers at AF and AD Training Centre

Wednesday, 10.8.2022 | Training
At the "Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović" military airport in Batajnica, specialist training is underway for military service soldiers of the "June 2022" class assigned to the Air Force and Air Defense Training Centre.

Soldiers in this Training Command unit are trained for several specialties within the range of artillery-missile units for anti-aircraft operations, air surveillance and warning, and technical services.

During the six-week training, they undergo tactical training, firing exercise and physical training, and learn how to use the equipment, in order to be trained for the combat use of AD artillery-missile systems. In line with the specialties for which they are recruited, they are trained to perform the duties of operators on missile and radar-computer systems and technical maintenance of aircraft.

The focus is on practical training on L/70 "Bofors" anti-aircraft guns, "Neva", "Cube" and "Strela 2M" anti-aircraft missile systems, "Supergaleb" G-4 aircraft, as well as on stationary and mobile air observation centers.

At the end of this period, the specialist competence of the soldiers is evaluated and collective training in units of the Serbian Armed Forces is carried out, where they will practically apply the acquired knowledge and skills and be involved in daily tasks until the end of their military service.

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