International Course in CBRN Centre

Tuesday, 6.9.2022 | Training
An international course in the field of NBC protection is being held in CBRN Centre this week, attended by members of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of seven foreign countries.

During the five-day training, participants from Brazil, Greece, North Macedonia, United States, Slovenia, Montenegro, Spain and Serbia will improve their knowledge in this field and train in the use of protective equipment against the effects of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and decontamination of people, facilities and land.

During the training, which is conducted by certified instructors from CBRN Centre, the Serbian Armed Forces’ devices and equipment are used. In addition to theoretical classes, the programme also includes practical exercises at the "Ravnjak" training ground and the "Car Lazar" barracks in Kruševac, when participants practice the use of instruments for measuring the effects of NBC weapons, as well as the implementation of protective measures against this type of weapons.

The conduct of international courses and a great interest of the Armed Forces of the partner countries in attending the courses of CBRN Centre confirm the high quality of the training carried out by the Serbian Armed Forces in the field of CBRN and strengthen the status of this unit as a regional and partner centre for education and training.

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