Exercise "Tisa 2021" Successfully Conducted

Wednesday, 8.9.2021 | Training
At the Serbian Armed Forces’ temporary training ground near Titel, the 1st Army Brigade and the River Flotilla units carried out the "Tisa 2021" exercise, designed to practise complex actions and procedures during an offensive land and water operation.

Today, the Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, and his associates attended the final segment of the exercise spanning over several days. General Mojsilović saw a high level of cooperation and competence of various Army units to jointly conduct an offensive operation.
More than 350 members of the Serbian Armed Forces participated in the exercise, and about 90 combat and non-combat vehicles, engineering equipment, ships and other vessels were used.
With the fire support from other units, the main body of the forces, consisting of the 1st Army Brigade’s mechanized and armoured units, demonstrated complex combat actions during the river crossing, deep battle and pursuit of the enemy. Working together, the River Flotilla units demonstrated the transportation of combat units by ships and ferries and setting up a pontoon bridge. The logistics units demonstrated their capabilities for transporting forces, supplying live ammunition, carrying out maintenance of combat vehicles, and providing the wounded and injured with medical care.

The successful realization of the "Tisa 2021" tactical exercise showed a high level of competence of Army commands and units for planning and conducting joint operations and accomplishing all mission-specific tasks.

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