Tactical Exercise "Serbian Shield"

Friday, 16.7.2021 | Training
Within the readiness evaluation of the force protection platoon for participation in the United Nations multinational operation in Lebanon, the tactical exercise "Serbian Shield" was conducted at the "South" Base and "Borovac" training area.

The exercise evaluated the readiness of this unit from the Training Command to perform assigned tasks in the mission, in the conditions that are adjusted to those in the area of operation.

During the exercise, the procedures in case of an attack on the base, work at a permanent checkpoint and observation station, organization of work in the base, procedures with ordnance and solving other tasks were monitored and evaluated.

The results of the evaluation, according to the defined training standards that the unit should reach, showed that this contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces was fully ready to be deployed to the multinational operation in Lebanon.

The Serbian Armed Forces have deployed the force protection platoon to the United Nations mission in Lebanon since 2014. The main task of our platoon, which is a part of the Italian contingent is to secure the base, where the United Nations forces are located.

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