Training in Mine Action and UXO Disposal

Monday, 21.11.2022 | Training
Members of the unit in charge of mine action and UXO disposal, 3rd Army Brigade, are undergoing regular training in humanitarian demining.

Training in this unit is conducted daily in order for service members to maintain the required level of skills, keeping the focus on the training of newly-admitted officers so that they could reach the set standards as soon as possible to perform high-risk tasks involving UXOs.

The training program comprises theoretical and practical contents in the field of humanitarian demining, following international standards for mine action such as in-depth search of terrain, provision of pyrotechnic security of works, examining suspicious UXO openings and practical work with cluster munitions, air-dropped bombs and ordnance.

To perform the intended tasks, this unit needs a proper choice of employees, thorough preparation before going to the field and proper use of protective equipment. Thanks to good preparations, organization and responsible approach to each assignment, in the course of 2022, this unit cleared more than 76, 000 m2 of the ground and destroyed over 1,100 UXOs. 

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