Over Pontoon Bridge of the Serbian Armed Forces Securely and Safely to the Lido Beach

Tuesday, 9.7.2019 | CIMIC
The Serbian Armed Forces has always been there to help all its citizens, and the traditional cooperation with the Municipality of Zemun will enable all Belgraders and their guests to safely and securely spend this summer on Lido — defence minister Aleksandar Vulin said during today's visit to the members of the First Pontooneer Battalion of the Army River Fleet that set up a pontoon bridge from Zemun Quay to the Great War Island, or Lido beach on the Danube River.
— The Serbian Armed Forces can confirm here as well that it is able to protect every part of our territory even when it comes to the rivers. This is a long, serious bridge, it is not easy to build and maintain it, but it is part of our work and we are capable of ensuring full control of any part of our territory by our army and our state — the minister of defence said.

The words of Minister Vulin that “all members of the River Fleet are highly trained and motivated, ready to fulfill any task and that the River Fleet has almost 100 percent serviceable ships, weapons and equipment”, were confirmed by members of the River Fleet demonstrating capabilities in case of rescuing civilian and military personnel from water and at fire extinguishing.
Captain (Navy) Andrija Andrić, Commander of the River Fleet, said that the pontoon bridge was completely safe for the passage of citizens and vehicles.
— The bridge is 330 to 360 meters long, which depends on the water level. Today you had the opportunity to see the work of the crew on the pontoon bridge, whose total active width is 215 centimeters, and 415 centimeters with light decks which are not for walking on them but they serve as security — Captain Andrić explained.
Mayor of the Municipality of Zemun, Dejan Matić, invited all Belgraders and people of good will to organise themselves and cross the pontoon bridge of the Serbian Armed Forces to reach the Great War Island, where they can expect a rich cultural and artistic and sports programme during the summer.

Since 4th July, when the pontoon bridge was installed, members of the First Pontooneer Battalion of the River Fleet are taking care of the safety of the bridge 24 hours, and so it will be until 1st September, when the bridge is to be dismantled and transported to the Šabac garrison.
Today's visit was also attended by Major General Petar Cvetković, deputy chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Vladeta Baltić, deputy commander of the Army, and Brigadier General Siniša Kresović, head of the Private Office of the Minister of Defence.

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