246th CBRN Battalion

246th Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Battalion is an organizational unit of the Army equipped and trained to, independently or as part of other SAF structures, perform tasks related to nuclear, biological and chemical security in all three SAF missions.

Command and units of the 246th CBRN Battalion are stationed in Kruševac. 

246th CBRN Battalion comprises HQ, HQ Platoon, three CBRN companies and one Platoon for prevention of chemical and nuclear incidents.

Tasks of the 246th CBRN Battalion

246th CBRM Battalion is tasked with:

  • Organization and implementation of the special counter NBC security measures for the units of the Army and SAF across the whole range of military operations
  • Participation in international military cooperation and peace keeping operations.
  • Support to civil authorities to repair the consequences of natural disasters and catastrophes 

Background of the 246th CBRN Battalion

246th CBRN Battalion was formed on 1 April 2007 by renaming and reorganizing 246th CBRN Brigade in Kruševac.

246th CBRN Battalion celebrates 28 September as its day, which is also the Day of the CBRN service of the Serbian Armed Forces. On that day in 1932, following the Decree by the Minister of the Army and Navy of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the formation of the Powder Battalion within the framework of the "Obilićevo" Factory began. It was the first unit for counter chemical protection in the Serbian Army.

Contact Information

Address: 57, Balkanska St., Kruševac
Phone: +381 (0) 37 440-089
Fax: +381 (0) 37 416-223
Email: 246.babho@vs.rs

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