Training of Soldiers of Air Defence Artillery and Missile Units

Tuesday, 18.1.2022 | Training
In the 1st Army Brigade, the collective training of soldiers of the Air Defence artillery and missile units, who began their military service in September last year, is underway.

Soldiers are being trained on the training grounds for the combat use of the "Strela-10M" anti-aircraft missile system, intended for the direct protection of Serbian Armed Forces from aerial attacks.

In this phase of training, tactical and fire procedures of the missile system crews during marching, masking, positioning and calculation of elements for shooting targets in the airspace are practiced in field conditions. Previously, the soldiers underwent training on simulation training systems and passed theoretical knowledge tests, in order to be fully ready for practical work on this combat system.

With the successful completion of the collective training, the soldiers will be trained to perform the duties of an operator of the Air Defence missile system "Strela-10M". Many of them will, in accordance with the interest they have expressed, start their careers in the Serbian Armed Forces as professional soldiers after completing their military service.

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