Live Firing with Newly Introduced and Modernized Weapons of Serbian Armed Forces

Tuesday, 25.7.2023 | Training
Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić attended today, together with Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović, the final part of training of members of the Serbian Armed Forces with newly introduced and modernized assets and execution of demonstration firing at the Training Ground “Pasuljanske Livade”.

At the end of the activity, the Supreme Commander expressed his satisfaction with the firing results and assessed them as “very good”. According to him, 743 members of the Serbian Armed Forces have participated today in the firing activity using new and modernized assets, the primary goal being an exercise to establish better coordination and direct connections between drones and our fire positions.

— You have seen 82mm mortars react to signals from our drones from the air and fire their shells three times faster than they would if they were looking at the map and that our units on the ground react faster, that they can fire missiles faster, that they hit better, with more precision and accuracy. It should be taken into account that a large number of our members did not have contact with the new and modernized means, and today one could see the extent of reinforcement for the Serbian Armed Forces, primarily when we use drones, especially the Chinese CH-95. From the distance of 7.5 kilometers, they hit the target with incredible precision — claimed President Vučić adding that the coming period would see more investment in UAVs, and that the delivery of the first quantities of “kamikaze drones” was expected.

The President of the Republic has emphasized that investments in our own production of drones, both those used for surveillance and those armed with missiles and heavy bombs, will continue. The President has also emphasized the importance of the fact that the new Lazar-3 and Lazar-3M vehicles with turrets and 30 mm cannons took part in the demonstration firing today.

— They have shown high precision, and the modernized tanks were absolutely infallible. You could also see our new modular rifle that uses 6.5mm ammunition. We believe that it is the best caliber, better than both NATO 5.56 mm and the Soviet 7.62 mm — emphasized the President of Serbia.

The Supreme Commander also emphasized the exceptional importance of missile artillery nowadays.

— The Serbian Armed Forces General Staff follows the developments in Ukraine on a daily basis. We learn from their experience, and it is actually there that the tremendous importance of the use of missile artillery can be seen. That is why we are investing in modular “Oganj”, “Grad”, all the systems that can help us improve further our defense capabilities and capacities. We are having a special firing tonight using the “Alas” rocket system with modular “Oganj”. These are important things for us, but soldiers must also be trained with modern assets. It is upon us to prepare and be a deterrent to anyone who would want to commit aggression against our country. We make huge investments in our armed forces and there is no other way for us to survive in this unstable geopolitical area, except to be strong and even stronger than we are today — stated the President of the Republic. 

Today, the aviation, air defense artillery-missile, artillery, armored and infantry units fired with their assets at the Training Ground “Pasuljanske Livade”. It has been shown how competent the Serbian Armed Forces members are to use remotely piloted aircraft for reconnaissance and correction of fire and for engaging ground targets. One could also see the actions undertaken by modernized “Eagle” planes, self-propelled artillery-missile systems, modernized tanks, howitzers, multi-launch rocket systems, various armored fighting vehicles, long-range anti-armor systems, unmanned platforms and a wide range of small arms, with the use of modern optronics and command-reconnaissance platforms.

The firing results confirm that the Serbian Armed Forces members are perfectly trained to use the newly introduced and modernized assets, the introduction of which in the arms and military equipment of the Serbian Armed Forces significantly improved maneuverability, firepower, resistance and protection of forces.

Today's training and firing activity at the Training Ground “Pasuljanske Livade” was attended by the President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik, as well as the collegium of the Minister of Defense and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff.

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