Minister of the promotion and newly appointed officers of the SAF.

Tuesday, 4.12.2018 | News

Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin presented today at the Houses of the Guards at Topčider, the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Serbia to the promoted and newly appointed officers of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Minister Vulin: Introducing Exam for Generals

Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin presented today at the Houses of the Guards at Topčider, the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Serbia to the promoted and newly appointed officers of the Serbian Armed Forces.
Major General Ilija Todorov is appointed new Deputy Commander of the Joint Operational Command of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Major General Želimir Glišović, is appointed new Head of the Operations Department (J-3) of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Željko Petrović is Head of the Directorate for Training and Doctrine (J-7), and the Brigadier General Vladeta Baltić is appointed Deputy Commander of the Land Forces.

Colonel Miroljub Čupić is appointed to the position of the Head of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department (J-2), Colonel Milan Popović is appointed Head of Planning and Development Department (J-5), Colonel Željko Tramošljika will serve as Chief of Staff of the Command of the Land Forces and Colonel Zoran Nasković is appointed Commander of the 1st Brigade of the Land Forces.
Minister Vulin congratulated the newly appointed officers on behalf of the President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić and said “much is expected from you in these difficult and turbulent times.”

As Minister Vulin said, the Serbian Armed Forces are constantly growing stronger and growing stronger by the day, all through the people who fulfill their obligations and tasks and dedicate their lives to the armed forces.
- Your career is not just a career, it is a life’s choice, a mission – the Defense Minister said, adding that the newly appointed officers were carefully selected, not because someone should only formally climb the next step in his career ladder and prepare for a higher rank and duty, rather according to the virtues, merit, and quality of each of them.
He pointed out that they are expected to continue to work as before in their new positions, and to achieve results that will render this armed force better.
- You have already proven by the way you live that you have chosen the military career and Serbia a country you wish to serve, a country worth living and dying for. You have all proven that you have great knowledge, military and human virtues – said Minister Vulin, adding that they are expected to improve the functioning of the system in the new positions they are appointed to.
According to the Minister of Defense, there is no one in the Serbian Armed Forces who can expect the next step in their career to be safe and certain.
- Nothing is implied, and nothing can be taken for granted. Every time, each of you, each of us, whether working at the Ministry of Defense or the Serbian Armed Forces, is proving ourselves over again. What we have put behind us points us to the future, but in fact, every day is a new day. Each of you, regardless of age, rank and respect they have deserved and won, will have to fight – the Minister said, adding that they are not fighting for their positions, but for an armed force that needs to be better and more secure.
He also reflected on the initiative for introducing the Exam for Generals, adding that this was previously a practice, and that for every new star, new appointment or new duty we must strive again for continuous improvement of knowledge, as this is the only way for gaining excellence.
- You will hardly become better people as good people you are. However, you can always become even better professionals, since each of us can and must keep learning – said  Minister Vulin, adding that in the days to come there will not be too much time for  getting to know and team building, only room for us to work as if we had always been there.
- Those who do not wish us well will not give us time to respond or wait, but will carry out what they are set to do, to harm our country and our people. I am convinced that each of you will block and oppose any evil that may befall our people and our country – said Minister Vulin, congratulating them on their appointments in his own name and on behalf of the President of the state, also expressing his firm belief that the future cooperation would be excellent.
Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović congratulated the generals and officers on their appointments and stressed that many of these were expected.
- The selection and decisions that underlay today’s decrees place you at the most responsible formation positions – said the first man of the General Staff and stressed that the appointments were not decided overnight, nor were they the result of an attempt to simply fill empty positions, rather the evidence and proof of the capabilities of the appointed officers in the previous functional posts.
General Mojsilović emphasized that the President of the Republic of Serbia was in this way getting close associates who would work with him to improve the capabilities of the armed forces.
- The circumstances in which we work are truly complex, which I have repeatedly emphasized. This is yet another aggravating element, as from tomorrow you will be in formation positions where stability in work must be the imperative, said the Chief of General Staff, adding that stability provides rationality in decision making.
According to what he said, the defense system is a lot of work that requires dedication, which is expected of officers who were appointed to the new duties by the Presidential Decree. He also acknowledged that before them is a time in which they must prove to be capable of carrying out all the tasks they are faced with.

- I know that you are dedicated to work, that behind you is a history of hard work and outstanding results. Do give your best and know that much depends on you – concluded General Mojsilović, congratulating the officers on their appointments and wishing them success in their work.

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