Regular Training in Serbian Armed Forces Infantry Units

Wednesday, 5.7.2023 | Training
Intensive training of infantry units for combat operations at the tactical level is underway in peacetime locations on training grounds and training areas of the Serbian Armed Forces.

This is collective training carried out in cycles throughout the year with the aim of maintaining a high level of competence of infantry battalions for the performance of specific tasks in attack and defense.

Modern armoured infantry fighting vehicles "Lazar 3", direct fire support means and a wide range of small arms are used in the training. The emphasis is on conducting tactical exercises and shooting from personal and collective weapons.

The members of the infantry units are expected to undergo tactical exercises and live firing in the coming period, when the results achieved in this training cycle will be verified in practice.

Through the continuous and planned implementation of practical training and exercise activities in the Serbian Armed Forces units, the individual skills of the professional component and overall combat readiness are improved, which is of key importance for conducting combat operations, on any terrain and in all tactical and weather conditions.

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