Briefing on Situation in Serbian Armed Forces and Peacekeeping Operations

Saturday, 1.1.2022 | CHOD's Activities
The Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, spent the first morning of 2022 in the Defence System Operations Centre, where he made sure that the Serbian Armed Forces were carrying out all planned tasks during the holidays as well.  

The commanding officers at the Operations Centre and the team on duty briefed General Mojsilović on the situation in the defence system and the organization of the operative stand-by duty, and the directly subordinated operational units and commanders of the Serbian contingents participating in eight UN and EU peacekeeping operations gave their briefings via video call.  They informed the Chief of the General Staff that the situation is stable, that all activities are being carried out according to plan and that members of the Serbian Armed Forces who are carrying out assignments at home and abroad are safe, motivated and committed to fulfilling the assigned tasks.
General Mojsilović wished a happy New Year to the members of the Serbian Armed Forces, who are carrying out tasks in the Republic of Serbia and in peacekeeping operations around the world during the holidays, wishing them and their families health, success and happiness.

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