Infantry Soldiers Undergo Specialized Training

Thursday, 9.2.2023 | Training
Over the last few days, soldiers of the infantry branch who undertook military service in December 2022 have been doing stationary camp at SAF training grounds located near Požarevac.

This segment of individual specialized training follows the training curriculum for soldiers on military service and is aimed at preparing them for carrying out defensive and offensive combat missions and adapting to living and working in field conditions.

During the training which took several days at the training ground, soldiers practiced the tactics and procedures used in combat such as navigation, observation, camouflage, movement on the battlefield, making cover for action and protection, and conducted all scheduled firing with the use of infantry weapons. What made the soldier training especially challenging was a tactical lane with obstacles where they had the opportunity to show how much they had learnt and how skilled they were in quick and proper response while carrying out tactical actions and defensive and offensive fire missions.

Upon returning from the field, soldiers of this class are to undergo final part of their individual specialized training and assessment of their tactical abilities and abilities to use personal and collective infantry weapons in combat. Afterwards, they will be transferred to SAF units for collective training.

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