Evaluation of Units for Participation in Multinational Operations

Wednesday, 2.11.2022 | Training
Some SAF units the Republic of Serbia declared for participation in multinational operations have had their capabilities evaluated at "Borovac" Training Ground and "South" Base for the last few days. 

The ongoing phase of preparation of the declared units implied checking the combat-readiness of the general-support engineer company and interoperability of the MP and CBRN platoons.  

During the examination, the units carried out tactical missions they could be tasked with if engaged in multinational operations, such as securing convoys, controlling territory, setting up check-points, decontamination of personnel and equipment and MEDEVAC.

The assessment team examined if the capability standards for participation in multinational operations had been reached, concluding that the concerned units had lived up to the required standards, exhibiting a high level of competence and professionalism while performing the assigned tasks.

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