Serbian Armed Forces Re-Installed Pontoon Bridge to Lido

Saturday, 19.8.2023 | News
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces’ pontoon units have re-installed the pontoon bridge from the Zemun Quay to the Great War Island and provided citizens with unimpeded access to the Lido Beach on the Danube.

The bridge with the capacity of 20 tons, composed of 38 pontoon ferries with a total length of 355 meters, was re-installed after the conditions for its safe use were created and handed over to the tourist organization of the City Municipality of Zemun.

In order to ensure a complete 24-hour safety for all people using the bridge, a duty crew was deployed responsible for the safety and maintenance of the pontoon bridge.

The bridge will be in operation until the end of the swimming season on Lido, that is, by 31 August, after which it will be dismantled and transported by river to its primary garrison.

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