Training of Soldiers for Army Specialties

Friday, 11.8.2023 | Training
Training of soldiers performing military service since June 2023 and professional soldiers for infantry, artillery and armored units’ specialties is underway at the Army Training Center in Požarevac.

The soldiers on military service, who have been assigned to this unit after completing basic training, are undergoing specialized training in the use of branch-specific weapons and means in order to be fully qualified to perform the military duties for which they were recruited.

Along with soldiers who are performing military service, the Center is now training professional soldiers for reconnaissance duties in Army units. Their training focuses on special operations tactics and handling modern weapons and assets the Serbian Armed Forces’ reconnaissance units are equipped with.

After completing training at the Army Training Center, professional soldiers will be assigned to reconnaissance companies, while the soldiers performing military service will undergo collective training in the Serbian Armed Forces’ units until the end of their military service.

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