Training of the Cavalry Platoon of the Guards for Giving Military Honors

Tuesday, 5.10.2021 | Training
In addition to the implementation of tasks on building combat readiness and giving military honors, Members of the Guards Battalion of the Serbian Armed Forces Guards conduct daily training to maintain a high level of readiness and close-order training for the implementation of assigned tasks within the protocol of state bodies.

The Cavalry Platoon, formed in June 2018, is also engaged in these activities, continuing the long tradition of cavalry units in the Serbian military and is intended for performing specific protocol tasks when giving military honors. 

The training includes practicing close-order activities with horses and procedures for giving military honors, so that the members of the unit are always ready for the successful conduct of assigned tasks and the horses are trained and adapted to specific conditions and noise.

By forming this unit, the Serbian Armed Forces actively contribute to the preservation of cavalry tradition and equestrian sports, and thus preserves the memory of the famous Cavalry Division and the victories it won in the defense and liberation wars.

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