The Tour of the Air Force and Air Defence Training Centre

Monday, 12.8.2019 | News

Minister Vulin: The Serbian Armed Forces will continue investing in training

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin visited the Air Force and Air Defence Training Centre at the military airfield “Colonel Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica.

After the tour, Minister Vulin pointed out that the conscripts serving voluntary military service, and candidates for future non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Armed Forces showed their motivation, desire to learn, and readiness and capability to master all skills that they would require.

- Each year, the Serbian Armed Forces will invest more and more in training, skills and knowledge that we need, and owing to that we can say that we are capable of not only guaranteeing security in the entire territory of our country, but of being guardians of peace in the entire Balkans - Minister Vulin stressed.

According to him, the Serbian Armed Forces are being intensively equipped, armed and strengthened, and investments are made into the armed forces after decades of intentional and planned and neglect.

- The Serbian Armed Forces invest in their members, and invest in training, and Serbian Armed Forces are an institution which is trusted the most in Serbia, and it is certainly with a good reason. The Serbian Armed Forces are trusted because of their men, because of their knowledge, their virtue and worth. The Serbian Armed Forces will continue investing in training, and each year the plan will become more demanding and ambitious, and more people will be trained, whether it is the reserve or conscripts, and our officers who daily adopt new knowledge - Minister Vulin concluded.

AF and AD Training Centre Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Saša Antanasijević underlined that segments of training that were presented on that day were designed for conscripts and professional soldiers undergoing training for duties at the Basic NCO Course and who would in following month become non-commissioned officers.

- We have presented one of the seminar rooms for training on V54 “Lasta”, newly fielded aircraft, and we have also presented a radio guided aircraft RVML-2, and currently the training is being conducted for the conscripts serving voluntary military service of the generation “Jun 2019” - Lieutenant Colonel Antansijević explained.

According to Second Lieutenant Hristina Filipović, rocket platoon commander, of AD artillery rocket battery in the AF and AD Training Centre, the training is conducted daily through eight lessons.

- At this moment here we have the conscripts serving voluntary military service of June intake, and I can say that the training is at a very high level and that the soldiers are trained and ready - Second Lieutenant Filipović underscores adding that it was a specialist training that lasted some month and a half.
Andrej Ilić is among the soldiers in the AF and AD Training Centre serving voluntary military service and he points out that he is satisfied with the stay in the Centre and that the training is of very high quality.

- Superior officers are good, they work with us day after day, we learn new material and gain new knowledge every day. The training is not difficult and we are here because nothing is difficult for us and because we like this, because we are patriots, and because we have a chance for employment in the future - soldier Ilić stressed.

Mission of the AF and AD Training Centre is to enhance capabilities for the conduct of individual specialist training for conscripts serving voluntary military service, candidates for professional soldiers and NCOs of the branch AD artillery - rocket units, service for air surveillance and warning and technical service of aviation-technical specialty, for the purpose of achieving standards of individual specialist competence.

Today’s visit was attended by AF and AD Commander, Major General Duško Žarković, Commander of the 204th Aviation Brigade, Brigadier General Željko Bilić, Head of Department for Training and Doctrine of the General Staff, Brigadier General Željko Petrović, Head of Private Office of the Minister of Defence Brigadier General Siniša Kresović, Chief of Staff of the Training Command Colonel Nikola Dejanović and Command Sergeant Mayor of the Serbian Armed Forces, Sergeant Major First Class Zoran Kocić.

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