98th Air Force Brigade

The 98th Air Force Brigade is intended for providing fire support to Army units and units for special operations, air transport, air reconnaissance and combat and logistic support to its own and attached aviation units.
  • 98th Air Force Brigade
    Commander, 98th Air Force Brigade, Colonel Dragan Mrdak
    • 241st Fighter-Bomber Squadron
    • 714th Anti Armour Helicopter Squadron
    • 119th Mixed Helicopter Squadron
    • 353rd Reconnaissance Squadron
    • 98th Air Technical Battalion
    • 98th Airfield Security Battalion
    • 161st Airfield Security Battalion
    • 98th Air Defence Missile Artillery Battalion
During the conduct of operations, fighter-bomber aviation and combat helicopters provide fire support to Army units. Air defence artillery missile units provide immediate air defence of the airport. 

A mixed helicopter squadron consisting of transport helicopters is intended for air transport. 

Reconnaissance aviation conducts air reconnaissance by visual reconnaissance and taking aerial photos.

Air force technical and technical maintenance units are responsible for servicing aircraft and helicopters in the first and second stage. 

Support battalions are intended for providing logistic support to the units based at the airfields in Lađevci and Niš and attached units.

Colonel Dragan Mrdak is the Commander of the 98th Air Force Brigade.

Tasks of the 98th Air Force Brigade

The 98th Air Force brigade is tasked with:

In peace:

  • Air Force deterrence of aggression and surprise prevention,
  • Air reconnaissance,
  • Air transport,
  • Participation in peacekeeping operations and international military cooperation,
  • Support civil authorities in case of natural disasters, industrial and other accidents and epidemics and 
  • Support to civil authorities in combating terrorism and organized crime.

In war:

  • Air force fire support,
  • Air defence of the airport,
  • Air defence and
  • Air transport.

The armament of the 98th Air Force Brigade

The 98th Air Force Brigade has:

  • Aircraft Ј/NЈ-22 and IЈ/INЈ – 22 (reconnaissance variant),
  • Aircraft АN-2ТD,  
  • Helicopters HТ-40, HN-42/45М and HО-42/45,
  • Helicopters HB-47
  • Helicopters H-50
  • Bofors 40mm L–70 anti-aircraft guns,
  • Igla 9К38М man-portable SAM missile systems.

Background of the 98th Air Force Brigade

The 98th Air Force Brigade was established by the integration of Air Force and Air Defence units based at the airfields in Lađevci and Niš: 161st and 285th airbase, 98th Fighter-bomber and 119th Helicopter Wing and one section of 353rd Air Reconnaissance Squadron.

The Day of 98th Air Force Brigade is marked on 28 November. On that day in 1949, 198th Attack Wing was formed, whose successor is 98th fighter-bomber aviation wing with the longest tradition of all units that composed the current brigade. It was also the oldest established unit in the former war air force and air defence.

Contact Information

Address: 36240 Lađevci
Phone: +381 (0) 36 852-135
Fax: +381 (0) 36 852-008
Email: 98.ab@vs.rs

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