3rd Army Brigade

The purpose of the 3rd Army Brigade is to conduct missions and tasks of the Serbian Armed Forces through the development and improvement of operational capabilities and through achieving the required availability of forces to conduct operations and assist civil authorities in addressing the consequences of natural disasters, technological and other disasters.
  • 3rd Army Brigade
    Commander, 3rd Army Brigade, Colonel Dragan Antić
    • 30th HQ Battalion
    • 31st Infantry Battalion
    • 32nd Infantry Battalion
    • 33rd Self-propelled Howitzer Artillery Battalion
    • 34th Self-propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher Battalion
    • 35th Air Defence Artillery Missile Battalion
    • 36th Tank Battalion
    • 37th Mechanized Battalion
    • 38th Mechanized Battalion
    • 39th Logistic Battalion
    • 310th Engineer Battalion
The 3rd Army Brigade comprises infantry, armoured, mechanized, artillery and air defence artillery units, engineering and logistics units and signal units.

The 3rd Army Brigade consists of 11 battalion-size units. The command of the 3rd Army Brigade is situated in Niš, while the units are based in Prokuplje, Kuršumlija, Zaječar, and Niš. 

Colonel Dragan Antić is the Commander of the 3rd Army Brigade.

Tasks of the 3rd Army Brigade

The 3rd Army Brigade performs the following tasks:

  • building and maintaining of operational capabilities to conduct tasks within all three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces,
  • securing the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija and control of the Ground Safety Zone,
  • training of the commands and units to conduct assigned tasks,
  • participation of the brigade members in multinational operations,
  • participation in international military cooperation,
  • preparation and engagement of the units to assist civil authorities in addressing the consequences of natural disasters, technological and other disasters.

Background of the 3rd Army Brigade

The 3rd Army Brigade was formed on June 4, 2007 mostly of personnel and assets of units located in the South East of Serbia. 

It included parts of 211th Armoured Brigade, 21st Reconnaissance Units Training Centre, 4th, 125th and 549th motorized brigade, 9th infantry and 52nd combined-arms artillery brigade, 52nd air defence artillery brigade, as well as 352nd engineering regiment, 201st logistics base and a Military Medical Centre. On that occasion a ceremony was held at "Mija Stanimirovic" barracks in the city of Niš.  

The Third army Brigade continues the tradition of the 2nd Infantry Regiment "Prince Mihailo", better known as "Iron Regiment". Day of the 3rd Brigade is marked on October 7. On that day, in the First Balkan War, the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the 1st call "Prince Mihailo" of Morava Division went to the war. 

This celebrated unit, the most decorated regiment of the Serbian Armed Forces, earned its glory in all the major battles of the Balkan Wars and the First World War: the Battle of Kumanovo, the Battle of Prilep, the Battle of Bregalnica, the Battle of Grljane Heights, The battles of Cer, Drina, Kolubara, Bitola, and in the operations for the liberation of Serbia.

The composer Stanislav Binički dedicated his composition called "Mars na Drinu" (March on the Drina) to the third wartime commander of the Regiment, Colonel Milivoje Stojanović, for the bravery he displayed during the attack which he personally led.  

In addition to the famous commanders – Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Ristić, Colonel Dušan Perić, Colonel Milivoje Stojanović "Brka" ("Moustache") and Colonel Dimitrije Milić, the following heroes of the liberation of Serbia were the members of the Regiment as well: Lieutenant Janićije Jović, Sergeant Milunka Savić, Sergeant Flora Sands, Private Dragutin Matić "Oko Sokolovo" ("Hawk-eyed") and many others.  

Contact Information

Address: Čegarska St., Niš
Phone: +381 (0) 18 508-550
Fax: +381 (0) 18 555-197
Email: 3.kov@vs.rs

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