T-72M Tank Battalion

T-72M Tank Battalion is an Army unit equipped with modern T-72MS battle tanks. The battalion performs tasks independently and in cooperation with other units from the Army and Аir Force units.

The Command and the units of the T-72M Tank Battalion are stationed in Niš.

The Battalion Commander is Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandar Zdravković.

Tasks of the T-72M Tank Battalion

T-72M Tank Battalion conduct the following tasks:

  • Development and improvement of operational and functional capabilities of the Command and units in the Battalion.
  • Conducting armoured and counter-armor operations, as a part of Army operations.
  • Ensuring the availability of forces to conduct operations and assist civil authorities in addressing the consequences of natural disasters, technological and other disasters

The Day of the Battalion is marked on October 31, on the Day of the Serbian Army Armoured Units.

Contact information

Address: 12. februar Boulevard, 18 000 Niš
Phone: +381 (0) 18 521-998

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