CBRN Centre

CBRNCentre is intended to conduct individual specialized training of soldiers doing voluntary military service, cadets and personel from the reserve component who did not serve military service with weapons, as well as the training of all categories of staff (from professional soldiers to officers, from active and reserve component) of the CBRN service.

CBRN Centre is located in the "Car Lazar" barracks in Kruševac, and is composed of CBRN Centre Command, CBRN Company for Training, Education and Evaluation and a Mixed CBRN Company for Training and Education support.

The Centre has capacities for training personnel from civil institutions of the Republic of Serbia and foreign armed forces personnel. Since 25th June 2013, the CBRN Centre has the status of Partnership Training and Education Centre.

Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Filipović is the Commander of the CBRN Centre.

CBRN Centre Tasks

CBRN Centre performs individual specialist training of CBRN military personnel, education of Serbian Armed Forces staff in the CBRN field, education of members of foreign Armed Forces and civilian institutions in the field of CBRN, as well as assistance in education of CBRN Officers during their academic education at the Military Academy.

CBRN Centre performs training, courses and education of Serbian Armed Forces Military Academy, as well as other received tasks.


  • Individual CBRN Training (instructing model) of conscripts, professional soldiers and non-commissioned officers,
  • Certification of individual training.


  • Organization and realization of CBRN Courses for needs of Serbian Armed Forces of different levels (company, battalion, brigade),
  • Organization and realization of CBRN Courses for needs of other state organs and civilian institutions,
  • Organization and realization of international courses (for needs of armed forces, international organizations and civilian institutions).

Education of Military Academy Cadets

  • Support in the specialized part of CBRN education of Serbian Armed Forces Military Academy NBC Service cadets.

Other Tasks

  • Writing of Manuals, Regulations and Procedures,
  • Providing expert CBRN assistance to structures outside of Ministry of Defence,
  • Providing support in implementation of international obligations of Republic of Serbia (Convention on prohibition of chemical and biological weapons, agreements in areas of non-proliferation of weapons for mass destruction, activities of scientific research in the CBRN area and in CBRN equipment testing area.

Training Capacities

CBRN Centre has facility capacities for:

  • Commanding and administrative functions,
  • Training, courses and education of NBC service,
  • Radiological and chemical laboratory,
  • Accommodation, 
  • Social and sport activities,
  • CBRN defense library and logistic support facilities (restaurant, medical station, technical maintenance facilities...).

The CBRN Training Field, of 76 hectares in size, is used for practical part of individual specialized training, unit training and CBRN equipment testing, with its belonging training areas and facilities for work with imitations and real warfare agents (chemical and radiological).

Weapons and Equipment of the NBC service

The equipment used in the NBC service units is classified into following groups:

  • Protective equipment. Used for protection of respiratory organs and body from RCB contaminants in various conditions.
  • Equipment for detection and identification of toxic chemicals. Used for detection of toxic chemicals in various mediums and surfaces (air, water, soil, food, equipment, different surfaces and materials...) and for identification of groups and separate toxic chemicals present in contaminated areas.
  • Equipment for detection and dosimetry of ionizing radiation. Used for detection of ionizing radiation, measuring of dose intensity and received dose of ionizing radiation and measuring of activity in different kinds of radioactively contaminated samples (food, water, bio material...).
  • Equipment for RCB decontamination. Used for individual, group and final decontamination.
  • Non-lethal chemical devices for temporary disabling. Presenting various constructed devices filled with chemicals for temporary disabling (CS, CR и OC), intended for special purpose and constructively adapted for application in complex and specific military and police missions.
  • Simulators. Used for simulations of action of various nuclear and chemical weapons.

Traditions of CBRN Centre

NBC Defense service has a long tradition in Serbian Armed Forces, that originates from 28th September 1932, when, based on the order of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia’s Minister of Armed Forces and Navy, forming of the "Gunpowder Batallion" began in Kruševac, as a part of the "Obilićevo" Facility. It was the first unit of counter-chemical defense in Serbian Armed Forces.

Throughout its long history the NBC defence has developed in accordance with state and military needs and requests. Phase of finalization of its for lasted from the year 1956 until 1992, with increasing its role and significance in the Armed Forces and in the Ex-Yugoslavia and formation of units on the battalion levels. Now, after the transformation process, the NBC service units are the CBRN Centre and 246th CBRN battalion.

CBRN Centre originates from the first Counter-chemical protection schools that were organized in 1946.

Since December 1956, the CBRN Centre is stationed at its current location in Kruševac, and its’ intensive development starts from then on.

Contact Information

Address: 57 Balkanska Street, Kruševac 37 000
Telephone: +381 (0) 37 416-060
Fax: + 381 (0) 37 416-308
Email: centar@abho.vs.rs

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