Visiting the Participants of “Cyber Tesla 2019” Exercise

Friday, 15.11.2019 | Training
Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović visited today participants of several day long command-staff exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces and Ohio National Guard “Cyber Tesla 2019” in the barracks “Vojvoda Radomir Putnik” in Gornji Milanovac.
Minister Vulin reminded that it was the fourth time that the Serbian Armed Forces had been practicing with the Ohio National Guard covering the topic in the field of cyber security.

Head of Telecommunications and IT Department Brigadier General Ljubiša Đolović, confirmed that the exercise had met its goal in terms of its content.

- Required infrastructure for the conduct of the exercise has been organised, in order to find different variants of response to all threats that can occur in cyber space - General Đolović emphasised and particularly underlined good communication among the partners which resulted in gaining new knowledge and experiences.

Head of Joint Staff of Ohio National Guard, Colonel Gary McCue underscored that he was proud that the capabilities of the participants had been considerably enhanced in comparison to previous years.

- In conversation with our men, I have learned that we have had a great week, and that we have done the most this time when compared to previous three years, which makes me very happy - Colonel McCue stressed.

President of Municipality of Gornji Milanovac Dejan Kovačević also participated in the visit to the exercise, and he underscored that he was rather pleased because that local self-government had an excellent cooperation with the Serbian Armed Forces.

- I am glad that the Signal and IT Training Centre has remained in Gornji Milanovac, just like I am pleased with what I have seen today, that the members of Serbian Armed Forces are oriented towards modern threats and mastering of techniques of defence against them - Kovačević said and added that he was grateful to Minister Vulin for the time he allocated for the visit to municipality Gornji Milanovac stating that the local community would in the future do everything that is required for the Serbian Armed Forces, without which there could not be a strong state.

Topic of this year’s exercise is defence of telecommunication and IT system against threats from cyber space, and the goals are to build military capacities of defence system and National centre for risk prevention in IT-communication systems of the Republic of Serbia (National CERT) for defence against cyber-attacks, and enhancement of cooperation with relevant state and private sector aimed at protecting information space of the Republic of Serbia.

Apart from members of the Serbian Armed Forces and Ohio National Guard, the exercise included representatives of state, private, public and academic sector of our country who perform activities in the field of information security.

Also present during today’s visit were Acting Assistant Minsiter of Defence for Defence Policy Milan Ranković, Head of Department for Intelligence and Reconnaissance Brigadier General Miroljub Čupić and Head of Department for Training and Doctrine Brigadier General Željko Petrović.
The exercise “Cyber Tesla 2019” has been conducted since 2016 in the framework of State Partnership Programme between Serbia and Ohio in the field of cyber space protection.

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