Destruction of Unexploded Ordnance

Friday, 4.9.2020 | Stories from Units
Members of the unit for demining and removal of unexploded ordnance are engaged in cleaning contaminated areas in military facilities throughout Serbia, as part of the implementation of regular tasks.

They perform their tasks every day at the "Dubinje" airport near Sjenica, the military facility in the vicinity of Uzice, and the "Aerodrom" barracks in Sombor. At all locations where they are engaged, officers and non-commissioned officers have the task of clearing military facilities of remaining unexploded ordnance and creating safe living and working conditions.

Performing this responsible task requires a good selection of personnel, thorough preparation before going to the field and proper use of protective equipment. When they come across a certain unexploded ordnance, in accordance with the procedure, they approach its marking and destruction from a safe distance, and then with an engineering machine and detector continue to examine the newly formed crater and slowly but surely clear the terrain of bombs, missiles and projectiles.

The members of the unit have proven their expertise in their work so far and are constantly working on their training. It is considered one of the most equipped units of the Serbian Armed Forces and they go side by side with the best units in the world in their domain. They have acquired their training and specialization in courses in our country, as well as abroad, with members of the European Command of the US Armed Forces, then in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Germany and Russia.

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