Logistics Department

Logistics Department (J-4) is an inter-service organizational unit of the General Staff with the purpose of planning, organization and implementation of logistic support to the Serbian Armed Forces, command over subordinated units, and building of their operational capabilities.
Logistic Department consists of Operational-logistic and General Affairs Section, Supply Section, Maintenance Section, Traffic and Transport Section, General Logistic Subsection, Infrastructure Subsection, Medical Subsection. Central Logistic Base is directly subordinated to the Logistic Department (J-4).

Colonel Čedomir Dupor is the Acting Head of the Logistics Department.

Tasks of the Logistics Department

Logistic Department is tasked with:

  • Plan and organize logistic support system of the Serbian Armed Forces;
  • Provide timely and continuous supplies of material resources necessary for the Serbian Armed Forces performing its missions and tasks;
  • Plan, organize and monitor equipment maintenance in the Serbian Armed Forces;
  • Plan, organize and monitor traffic and transportation in the Serbian Armed Forces;
  • Plan, organize and monitor general logistic activities in the Serbian Armed Forces;
  • Provide adequate working conditions for personnel, material storage, and construction of specific military facilities required by the Serbian Armed Forces to perform its missions and tasks.

Background of the Logistics Department

The Logistics Department of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff was established in 2005, following the introduction of the functional organization of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of Serbia and Montenegro in 2005. The two entities that existed in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces at that time – the Military Economy Directorate and Logistics Directorate of the General Staff – were restructured into three entities on the strategic and operational levels of logistics – Material Resources Directorate of the Ministry of Defence, Logistics Department (G-4) of the General Staff, and the Logistics Command. 

Logistics Department (G-4) is organized through internal organizational units, divisions and independent sections with assigned responsibilities for each individual logistic function. 

In 2007, the organizational units of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff were renamed and Logistics Department received the designation J-4 instead of G-4. It affirmed the joint operational concept as the basis of performing missions and tasks of the Serbian Armed Forces. Since 2012, the Logistics Department (J-4) GS SAF has been responsible for maintenance function in the defence system of the Republic of Serbia.

Contact Information

Адреса: 9 Gardijska St., Belgrade
Телефон: +381 (0) 11 2064-100
Телефакс: +381 (0) 11 3006-259

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