Military Police Department

Military Police Department is an organizational unit of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff with the purpose to plan, organize, coordinate and control military police tasks for the needs of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces.
Military Police Department performs duties in the scope of the military police, assigned by the Law on the Serbian Armed Forces and the regulations adopted under that Law, the Code of Criminal Procedure, Regulation on Service in the Serbian Armed Forces and other military regulations.

Within the Military Police, there is also a separate internal control unit that monitors the legality of administering military police powers as well as respect for human rights and freedoms while performing military police tasks. The Internal Control also acts on complaints against the Military Police actions. The Internal Control unit is managed by the Military Police Inspector appointed by the Minister of Defence.

Military Police Department has organizational units for functional capabilities, security and protection, crime suppression, operational and general affairs, and internal control. Units directly subordinated to the Military Police Department are the Military Police Battalion for Special Purposes "Kobre", Criminal Investigation Group and Military Police Training Centre.

Brigadier General Rajko Milovanović is the Head of the Military Police Department. 

Tasks of the MP Department

Military Police Department performs the following tasks within the assigned mission:

  • Manage the military police and general security affairs under the responsibility of the Military Police in the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence and exercise command over the units directly subordinated to the Military Police Department;
  • Monitor, analyze and assess the status of criminality, order and discipline, security of persons and facilities, security of the military road traffic and counterterrorism protection and propose adequate measures to the Chief of the General Staff ;
  • Plan and organize training and education of the Military Police personnel; and
  • Take measures to improve the system of technical protection in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.
  • In performing the tasks from its functional responsibilities, the Military Police Department cooperates with the Military Security Agency, Ministry of Interior and judicial authorities of the Republic of Serbia

Background of the MP Department

Military Police in the Serbian Armed Forces has a long tradition, dating from the beginnings of Serbia as a modern European state. Written sources from the history of Serbia, on the basis of which one can recognize the inception of the military police, date from 1876 when ‘police sections’ were formed in brigade HQs of the Serbian Army by the Order of Prince Milan Obrenović. The sections were made up of selected gendarmes and soldiers. They were active only in wartime, and they are the precursor of today's military police.

In modern history, the Military Police was established as a separate entity within the Armed Forces on September 14, 1955. They were standalone section and platoon level units, with a relatively small number of personnel, who performed tasks in the field of military order and discipline, and some work in the field of security. Gradually, the military police units grew in number and equipment. They were developed in the framework of the security service and, in addition to the above tasks they were trained to perform tasks of security and protection, control and regulation of military transport and crime suppression.

In the period 1955-2004, the Military Police were functionally subordinated to the Security Department. By the end of 2004, as a part of organizational changes, the security and military police domains were separated, followed by the establishment of the Military Police Affairs Section, as an independent entity for planning, organizing and managing military police tasks. The Section was reorganized into the Military Police Department in 2006.

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