Visit to Defence System's Operational Centre

Monday, 2.1.2023 | Stories from Units
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović have visited today the Defence System’s Operational Centre. The most responsible officers in the operational duty system and senior national representatives of SAF contingents in multinational operations took the opportunity to report on the state of affairs in commands and units and situation in the AO under the flags of UN and EU.

Following his visit, Minister Vučević wished all the members of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces a happy New Year, and addressed the citizens of our country with the message "Serbia is safe as long as the Serbian Armed Forces are strong".  

— The beginning of the new year is an opportunity to see ourselves how the Defence System’s Operational Centre, that is, the operational duty team, functions, to establish a communication with our international missions, SAF and MOD representatives deployed worldwide on UN and EU missions; to wish them a happy New Year, good health, and receive a report on the situation on the ground; to thank them for everything they have done in 2022, hoping that they will continue to represent the Republic of Serbia and SAF in the best possible way as part of international operations and missions, because our country has always shown solidarity with the nations and states in need of help and support — claimed Minister Vučević. 

He has underlined the fact that it is important in the context of the Republic of Serbia’s expectations of international forces that are supposed to show solidarity and responsibility for the security of Serb community in Kosovo and Metohija.  

— We have also received reports from the operational duty personnel from the Serbian Armed Forces in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and have seen once again that the Serbian Armed Forces perform their tasks and preserve the Republic of Serbia in the best possible way regardless of the holiday/working day, winter/summer, night/day. Thank you all once again and happy New Year to all MOD and SAF members, and I reiterate my message to the citizens of Serbia — Serbia is safe as long as the Serbian Armed Forces are strong — declared Minister Vučević.

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