Competition of MP Units Ended

Thursday, 14.9.2023 | Stories from Units
The annual competition of the Serbian Armed Forces MP units ended today with a closing ceremony at the “Ribnica” Barracks in Kraljevo and presenting the cups and medals to the most successful teams and competitors.

Defense Minister Miloš Vučević attended the final stage of the competition — a 10-kilometer team race with natural and artificial obstacles at the “Beranovac” Training Ground and the award ceremony.

The winner of the team competition, which included six SAF teams and three MOI teams, was the team of the Special Operations Battalion “Falcons” from the 72nd Special Operations Brigade; the team of the Special Purpose MP Detachment “Cobras” took second place, while the MOI Gendarmerie team took the third one.

When it comes to other results of the competition, the best shooter award in the first phase of the “Shooting” competition was taken by a member of the Special Operations Battalion “Falcons”. In the second phase of the “MP Patrol Shooting” competition, the team of the Special Operations Battalion “Falcons” was declared the best one, and the winning team of the third phase of the “Patrol Trail” competition was from the Special Purpose Military Police Detachment “Cobras”. The Gendarmerie team won the final stage of the 10 km hurdles.

Competition of MP units represents a kind of test of skills, ability, mental stability and physical fitness and it consists of four phases. In the first two phases, at the “Žiča” shooting range, teams compete in shooting at different targets in a simulated urban combat environment, while the final two phases take place at the “Beranovac” Training Ground, where participants compete in overcoming the patrol track and team race with natural and artificial obstacles.

The closing ceremony of the competition was also an opportunity to mark the Military Police Day, which is celebrated on 14 September in memory of that day in 1955, when the Military Police was formed in the Yugoslav People's Army.

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