Return of SAF Team from EU Military Operation

Tuesday, 24.10.2023 | Multinational Operations
An SAF medical team, which has been engaged in the EU Training Mission in the Central African Republic (EUTM RCA) since April, has returned to Serbia after completing successfully its participation in the mission.

For the last six months, our team has successfully carried out all the tasks of preventive medical care and treatment of the injured and sick members of the forces in the mission, showing thus professionalism and competence of the SAF medical service in the best possible way.

SAF doctors and medical technicians, who were sent to the area of operation in early October, will be performing the same tasks in this African country over the next six months.

The Serbian Armed Forces began participating in the EU mission in the Central African Republic in 2016. Our contingent in this military operation includes a staff officer as head of the medical service and a six-member medical team in charge of preventive healthcare and outpatient treatment of members of international peacekeeping forces.

By engaging in both UN and EU peacekeeping operations, apart from building and safeguarding peace in the world, the Serbian Armed Forces actively contribute to strengthening the foreign policy position of our country.

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