The First Contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces in the Peacekeeping Operation in the Sinai

Thursday, 29.6.2023 | Multinational Operations
Today, a military celebration was held at the Center for peacekeeping operations in the "Banjica" barracks in Belgrade on the occasion of sending off the first SAF contingent to the international peacekeeping operation on the Sinai Peninsula.

This mission is part of the independent peacekeeping organisation ”Multinational Forces and Observers” (MFO) created by agreement between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Israel in 1981, with the aim of implementing security provisions of Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace from 1978. 

The Serbian Armed Forces will deploy a ten-member engineering working group in this mission as part of the American contingent, which will be the first joint engagement of our and the US military in peace-building and peacekeeping missions in the world. SAF engineers will be in charge of engineering and infrastructure works in the mission camp in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. They have previously undergone specialist and tactical training adapted to the mission requirements on SAF training grounds, in order to be fully ready for implementing assigned tasks in the area of operation.

The ceremonial send-off was attended by the Chief of the SAF General Staff  General Milan Mojsilović with associates, State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense Nemanja Starović,  US Ambassador in Belgrade, Christopher Hill, and relatives and friends of members of the Serbian Armed Forces who will be sent to the peacekeeping operation.

On this occasion, the Chief of the General Staff presented the flag of the Republic of Serbia to the commander of the engineering unit, 1st class captain Predrag Živanović, with the message that they should perform all assigned tasks in the peacekeeping operation with professionalism and responsibility, present SAF in a dignified way and strengthen relations with members of foreign armed forces.

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