General Staff College Students Visit the Army

Monday, 4.10.2021 | Stories from Units
Students of the 65th class of the General Staff College of the National Defense School visited part of the Army units in Niš today.

The visit was conducted within the study trip in the subject of Military Strategy, which aims to introduce students of this level of studies to the factors of national security in the Republic of Serbia.

In the barracks „Knjaz Mihailo“, Army Commander, Lieutenant General Milosav Simović,  introduced the students to the purpose, missions, tasks and activities carried out by the Army and lectures were given by representatives of the Nišava Administrative District and the Ministry of Defense Regional Center.

During their stay in Niš, the students of the General Staff College will also visit the Emergency Situations Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center, and further in the study trip they will tour the factors of the national security system and cultural sites in the central Serbia and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

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