Participants of General Staff Advanced Studies Visit Training Command

Tuesday, 21.12.2021 | Stories from Units
Participants of the 65th class of the General Staff Advanced Studies of the National Defence School "Vojvoda Radomir Putnik" visited the Training Command in the barracks "Topčider" in Belgrade today.

During the visit, which was conducted within the study trip in the Military Strategy subject, participants were introduced to the purpose, functions and tasks of the Training Command and Territorial Forces, training and logistical support system and plans for further development.

On this occasion, the Commander of the Training Command, Brigadier General Željko Petrović, presented the Plaque of the Training Command to the National Defence School for their contribution to accomplishing tasks and duties of this operational component of the Serbian Armed Forces.

General Staff Advanced Studies are the third level of special officer professional training programs, where students are qualified to perform the highest and most responsible duties in the defence system.

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