Visit to the 22nd Infantry Battalion

Friday, 12.2.2021 | Stories from Units
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, accompanied by the Army Commander, Lieutenant General Milosav Simović and the Second Army Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Željko Kuzmanović visited today members of the Second Army Brigade’s 22nd Infantry Battalion.

After the briefing on the Second Army Brigade’s tasks, goals and purpose members of the 22nd Infantry Battalion demonstrated the 120 mm mortar company training, periodic inspections and how repairs are done in the workshop.

— We have seen a mock exercise which shows the readiness of our members to react in complex situations, but first of all, it shows that they are aware of the fact that their key role is to protect their homeland, to always be one step ahead of everybody and to protect Serbia from all potential threats — Minister Stefanović said.

Our military is the pillar of our country’s security, says Minister Stefanović, adding that the military has a key role in the defence of our country and is an inseparable part of the people.

— It is important to us that the soldiers’standard of living improves every day. I talked to them and found out what we can do for them in addition to increasing their salaries significantly this year. Of course, we want to modernize our armed forces. We want to continue investing in their modernization, in increasing their transport capacity and everything else that would help them feel that their country supports them, that it appreciates their hard work and that they are our defence system’s ultimate deterrent. We also want to show the citizens of Serbia that having such a strong military means that Serbia will be strong as well — the Minister of Defence said.

At the end of today's tour, Minister Stefanović visited the 22nd Infantry Battalion’s Memorial Room and chapel in the „Petar Leković“ barracks, that the Serbian Armed Forces brought back into use in 2014.

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