Military Police Squad Rotation in UN Mission in Cyprus

Monday, 3.4.2023 | Multinational Operations
Members of the military police squad from the Serbian Armed Forces, who were deployed in the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Cyprus for the previous six months, returned to the Republic of Serbia after handing over their duties to a new contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces.

During their deployment, they successfully carried out all the assigned tasks in accordance with the mandate of the mission and thus represented the Republic of Serbia in the best way, as well as the training and high professionalism of the members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The Serbian Armed Forces military police squad in the peace operation in Cyprus is part of the British contingent and performs a wide range of tasks, including the implementation of investigative actions by order of the United Nations and the escort of very important persons, and it cooperates with local police forces in the performance of military police work.

In addition to the military police squad deployed in the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Cyprus, the Serbian Armed Forces currently deploy staff officers in the mission command in Nicosia, and previously, from 2011 to 2018, they deployed an infantry platoon rank unit.

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