Collective Training for Deployment in Peacekeeping Operation in Lebanon

Tuesday, 18.7.2023 | Multinational Operations
The final part of the collective training of the Force Protection Platoon for deployment in the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon is underway at the "Borovac" training area and at the ‘South’ base.

The training is part of several months of preparation that this unit from the Training Command goes through in order to be fully qualified for specific tasks and successful deployment in the mission.

During this part of the preparation, the platoon works in conditions similar to those of the mission, and the tactical tasks and scenarios it works on are fully adapted to the situations in which the unit may find itself during the execution of tasks in the area of operation.

The program includes content from tactical and physical training and topics from international humanitarian law, with a focus on the implementation of tasks when securing the base. The training ends with the tactical exercise, where the training and interoperability of the unit for deployment in the mission will be evaluated in practice.

The Serbian Armed Forces have deployed a force protection platoon in the Sector West of the United Nations mission in Lebanon since 2014 as part of the Italian contingent. The unit's main task is to secure the base where the United Nations forces are stationed. In addition to this platoon, the Serbian Armed Forces in Lebanon also deploy an infantry company, staff officers, and a national support element located in the Sector East.

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