Training in Artillery Missile Battalions of Army

Tuesday, 6.9.2022 | Training
The professional personnel of the Air Defence Artillery Missile Battalion of the 2nd Army Brigade is going through regular training in performing collective assignments in accordance with this unit’s responsibility.

The training is conducted at the Serbian Armed Forces training grounds and at the "Jovan Kursula" barracks in Kraljevo in order to improve the proficiency of operators and crew for the combat use of artillery-missile systems that are a part of the battalion’s weapons.

At this time, in field conditions members of artillery-missile units are practicing tactical and fire procedures while marching, masking, occupying firing position and firing in the airspace, as well. The focus is on the training for combat use of the modernized Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft system, whose modification has greatly improved the manoeuvrability and firing capabilities of this combat system.  

The conduct of training that is carried out in Air Defence Artillery Missile Battalions in cycles throughout the year provides a high level of competence and combat readiness of these units for direct air defence support to the Army forces during combat operations.

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