Part of Serbian Armed Forces Contingent Returns from Slovenia

Friday, 18.8.2023 | Stories from Units
The first part of the Serbian Armed Forces’ contingent that participated in the humanitarian operation to prevent, remove, mitigate and repair the consequences of floods in the Republic of Slovenia has successfully completed its engagement.

Today, 22 members of the Serbian Armed Forces have returned to Serbia by H-145M and Mi-17 helicopters. They were involved in the air transport of rescue teams, civilians, water, fuel and other materials in the most severely affected mountainous areas of Carinthia and Styria, north-east of Slovenia.

At the Military Airfield “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica, members of the Serbian Armed Forces have been welcomed by Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović, who gave them greetings from the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić and Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević and recognized them for their dedicated work and professional attitude towards their tasks during their involvement in the humanitarian operation.

The Chief of the General Staff expressed his satisfaction in particular with the SAF members’ ability to perform tasks in complex conditions in mountainous terrain and with the established coordination and cooperation with the armed forces of foreign countries and Slovenian civil authorities; by doing so, they presented the Serbian Armed Forces and Republic of Serbia in the best possible way in the international environment.

The second part of the Serbian Armed Forces’ contingent which is being engaged in the tasks of biological disinfection of facilities and land, supplying water and fuel, and performing engineering works in threatened areas, will remain in Slovenia by the middle of next week.

The recognition and gratitude expressed by ministers in the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and high-ranking military officials, who visited them during their engagement in this humanitarian operation, speak also of the SAF members’ exceptional professionalism and skills.

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