SAF Unit Deployed on Peacekeeping Operation in Lebanon

Tuesday, 7.3.2023 | Multinational Operations
A unit subordinate to the Training Command, SAF, was deployed yesterday to a multinational operation in Lebanon, so as to perform its tasks over the next six months as part of UNIFIL.

This is a force protection platoon intended to be tasked in the AO with securing the UN base where the Italian Contingent is located.

Before they were deployed, members of this unit had come through thorough preparations which included training of several months at SAF training and exercise areas so as to prepare themselves fully for deployment on a peacekeeping operation.

In Lebanon, they will replace the SAF members who have been performing successfully the same tasks for the past six months and are concluding their engagement in this Middle Eastern country this month.

The Serbian Armed Forces started to participate in the peacekeeping operation with UNIFIL in 2010. Currently, beside the force protection platoon, the Serbian Armed Forces also deploy an infantry company as an independent unit as part of the Spanish Battalion, staff officers at the Mission HQ and a group of special officers in charge of providing support to our contingent.

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