Visit to the Military Geographical Institute

Thursday, 18.2.2021 | Stories from Units
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, accompanied by the the Head of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Directorate (J-2), Brigadier General Miroljub Čupić visited today the "General Stevan Bošković" Military Geographical Institute.

— Today I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the future of the Military Geographical Institute, an exceptional institution which continues a fine tradition. The people who work here have a clear vision of how to provide the best support to the Serbian Armed Forces in the coming period, as they have done so far — Minister Stefanović said.

The main purpose of the Data Centre is to create a sustainable system for storing and distributing data produced by the Military Geographical Institute, and according to Minister Stefanović, the main users of that data is the Ministry of Defence, i.e. the Serbian Armed Forces units.
— The Data Centre, which was officially put into operation today, will be able to store all the data and maps that our cartographers and surveyors create throughout the year. We hope that entire Serbia will be mapped in detail in the next four or five years, and that those maps can be used commercially as well — Minister Stefanović pointed out.
The Minister of Defence also said that he was considering ways to modernize the Military Geographical Institute’s activity with further investment, so that it could continue keeping up with the modern world, but also how to renew the Institute's personnel by hiring new staff and educating cadets at the Military Academy.
At the end of the visit, Minister Stefanović congratulated the "General Stevan Bošković" Military Geographical Institute’s staff on the considerable success they achieved and on helping our soldiers be more efficient and perform their tasks in the best possible way.

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