Educational Visit to the Mixed Artillery Brigade

Thursday, 21.10.2021 | Stories from Units
Students of the 68th class of the Command-Staff College of the National Defense School visited the Mixed Artillery Brigade in the barracks „Mija Stanimirović“ in Niš today.

The visit was conducted in accordance with the curriculum of the Command and Control subject, in order to familiarize students of this level of training with the specifics of this unit and the prospects for the development of the artillery arm.

During the visit, the students of the Command-Staff College were introduced to the purpose, missions, tasks and activities carried out by the Mixed Artillery Brigade, and they had the opportunity to see the tactical and technical assembly of the means at the brigade’s disposal, as well as the demonstration exercise of the battery of self-propelled gun-howitzers 155 mm B-52 M-15 „nora“.

Command-Staff College is the second level of special officer development programs during which they are specialized to command tactical units of battalion rank and staff duties in tactical and operational level commands.

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