Regular Rotation of Serbian Armed Forces’ Contingents in Lebanon

Sunday, 31.12.2023 | Multinational Operations
A contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces, which has been engaged with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon since late June this year, has returned to the Republic of Serbia after completing successfully the engagement in the mission.

For the last six months, members of this contingent, composed of an infantry company from the 1st Army Brigade and staff officers, have been performing tasks in Sector “East” of the peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.

Their engagement in complex security conditions was assessed by superiors and the mission HQ as exceptionally professional and responsible, confirming thus the reputation of the Serbian soldier and representing the Serbian Armed Forces and our country in the best possible way in an international environment.

A new contingent of the Serbian Armed Forces has been sent to the Area of Operation today, and, for the next six months, like their predecessors, they will be performing responsible tasks of safeguarding peace in this Middle Eastern country.

The reception and departure ceremony for members of the Serbian Armed Forces at “Nikola Tesla” Airport in Belgrade has been attended by the Head of the Operations Directorate (J-3) of the General Staff Major General Tiosav Janković, Commanders of the 1st and 2nd Army Brigades Brigadier Generals Zoran Nasković and Siniša Stašević and Head of the Center for Peacekeeping Operations Colonel Mirjana Milenković.

The Serbian Armed Forces’ participation in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon began in 2010, and apart from the contingent in Sector “East”, there is also a platoon of the Serbian Armed Forces for the protection of peacekeeping forces in Sector “West” currently deployed in this operation.

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