Infantry Company Prepares for Participation in Peacekeeping Operation

Monday, 20.3.2023 | Multinational Operations
At “South” Base and “Borovac” Training Ground near Bujanovac, a SAF infantry company is undergoing intense training in preparation for a peacekeeping operation as part of UNIFIL.

This is the second phase of preparations which last for several months, intended for professional soldiers and officers of this 1st Army Brigade unit prior to their deployment to the AO, so as to be fully prepared to perform the tasks within UN peacekeeping forces.

After completing individual tactical and firearms training in the first training phase, the unit is now in the field conditions practicing the tactics, techniques and procedures for performing intended tasks in Lebanon, such as patrolling, securing checkpoints, escorting convoys, and controlling mass gatherings.

In order for the training process to be as realistic as possible, the infantry company is working in conditions similar to those in the mission, its tasks being fully tailored to the situations SAF members could encounter while in the AO.

The SAF started to deploy an infantry company in the mission in Lebanon in 2013; currently, in this UN mission, there are our force protection platoon, staff officers, and a group of specialists in charge of providing support to the contingent.

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