126th ASEWG Brigade

The area of responsibility of the 126th ASEWG Brigade covers the aerial space over the Republic of Serbia with aerial access routes. The unit disseminates information on the current situation in air space to those parties in need of such information within the Defence System.
  • 126th ASEWG Brigade
    Commander, 126th ASEWG Brigade, Colonel Jovica Kepčija
    • HQ Company
    • 20th ASEWG Battalion
    • 31st ASEWG Battalion
    • Battalion for Aero Technical Maintenance and Supply
ccording to its organization and formation structure and equipment, the 126th Air Surveillance, Early Warning and Guidance (ASEWG) Brigade is intended for: 

  • conducting air space early warning and continuous control  in the assigned area of responsibility,
  • informing certain users of the Republic of Serbia Defence System about the situation in air space, 
  • guiding combat aviation – fighter, providing navigation support to aircrafts in need and directing air defence artillery-missile units to targets in air space, 
  • providing data to command system in Air Defence for the sake of timely decision-making.

Colonel Jovica Kepčija is the Commander of the 126th ASEWG Brigade.

Tasks of the 126th Brigade

The 126th ASEWG Brigade conducts the following tasks:

  • continuous surveillance of air space in the area of responsibility,
  • timely detecting and continuous monitoring of targets in air space within tactical-technical possibilities of radar-computing systems and passive surveillance systems, 
  • organizes and conducts collecting, processing, presenting and distributing data about the situation in air space to all levels of command in air defense and certain users within the Republic of Serbia Defence System,
  • conducts radar security and guidance of combat aviation – fighter, as well as directing air defense artillery-missile units to targets in air space,
  • provides navigation support to aircraft in need, 
  • if required, directs other types of aviation,
  • conducts identification of targets in air space, 
  • analyses possibilities of surveillance and guidance in air space and conducts necessary measures for their improvement,
  • studies the territory of the area of responsibility and selects and arranges basic, reserve, false and  follow-on radar positions, 
  • conducts maintenance of radar-computing systems and automated systems, as well as technical support of other resources.

Armament of the 126th Brigade

The following radar-computing resources and systems are used in the 126th ASEWG Brigade:

  • S-605/654 surveillance radar
  • S-613 height measuring radar
  • AN/TPS-70 three-dimensional radar
  • АS-74 and AS-84 automated systems

Background of the 126th Brigade

After the breakdown of the SFRY, the 126th ASEWG Brigade was formed out of the existing three regiments, on 12 October 1992.   

During the 1999 military operations, the unit successfully conducted its tasks for all 78 days. The unit was awarded the Order of the National Hero for its outstanding courage and achieved results during the military operation in 1999. 

12 October is celebrated as the Day of the 126th ASEWG Brigade. On that day in 1992, the 126th ASEWG Brigade was formed, which included the personnel and equipment of the disbanded 3rd and 5th ASEWG regiments.

Contact Information

Address: 2, Raška St., 11 000 Belgrade 
Phone: +381 11 3053-282
Fax: +381 (0) 11 3053-134
Email: moral.126brvojin@vs.rs

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