204th Air Force Brigade

The 204th Air Force Brigade is a joint tactical air force unit whose basic organizational structure consists of modular units such as squadron, battalion-division.
  • 204th Air Force Brigade
    Commander, 204 Air Force Brigade, Brigadier General Milan Elenkov
    • 101st Fighter Squadron (Vitezi)
    • 252nd Training Squadron (Кurjaci sa Ušća)
    • 138th Transport Squadron
    • 890th Mixed Helicopter Squadron (Pegazi)
    • 24th Air Technical Battalion
    • 17th Airfield Security Battalion
    • 177th Air Defence Artillery Missile Battalion
It is based at "Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović" Military Airfield. 

Brigadier General Milan Elenkov is the Commander of the 204th Air Force Brigade.

Tasks of the 204th Air Force Brigade

The 204th Air Force Brigade is tasked with:

  • control and protection of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia,
  • provision of immediate fire support to Army units,
  • air transportation and airlift,
  • search and rescue,
  • air reconnaissance,
  • basic and advanced flight training,
  • education of the Military Academy aviation cadets,
  • logistic support to its own and attached units,
  • support to civil authorities.

Armament of the 204th Air Force Brigade

The 204th Air Force Brigade has:

  • MiG-29, Super Seagull G-4 (1 Н-62Т), Utva 75, Аn-26, JАК-40,
  • Gazelle helicopters, Mi-8 and Mi-17,
  • Bofors 40mm L–70 anti-aircraft gun,
  • Giraffe observation and target acquisition radar,
  • Igla 9К38М man-portable missile system.

Background of the 204th Air Force Brigade

Integrating the following Air Force and Air Defence units based at Batajnica airport: 177th Air Base, 204th Fighter Aviation Wing, 252nd Fighter-bomber Aviation Aquadron, 677th Transport Aviation Squadron, 890th Mixed Helicopter Squadron and a part of 353rd Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron, 204th Air Base was formed on 15 November 2011, which was  reorganized into 204th Air Force Brigade the same year. 

The airport construction lasted from 1947 to 1951 and it was officially opened in May 1951.

204th Air Force Brigade continues the tradition of the famous 6th Fighter Aviation Wing which heroically defended Belgrade from the air attacks in 1941. 

Contact Information

Address: Pukovnika Milenka Pavlovica St., 11273 Batajnica
Phone: +381 (0) 3106-012, 3106-006
Fax: +381 (0) 3106-205
Email: odcvs.204ab@vs.rs

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