Basic Flight Training for Aviation Officers

Monday, 22.1.2024 | Training
Participants in the Reserve Aviation Officers’ Training Course are currently undergoing basic flight training at the Military Airfield “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica.

This is an additional training activity for Serbian Armed Forces’ pilots for the duration of about seven months which can be attended by persons under the age of 27 who have previously completed university.

Flight training is delivered by the 204th Air Force Brigade’s flight instructors with the use of “Lasta” planes and “Gazelle” helicopters.

According to the training curriculum, in this phase future pilots have completed ground preparation, such as learning of the characteristics of aircraft and their assemblies, piloting techniques, as well as aerodynamics and meteorology contents, and are now, guided by their instructors, undergoing training in the air.

After completing basic flight training, they will be appointed to the Serbian Armed Forces’ aviation units where they will undertake training for navigation, group, instrument and night flying, in order to be fully qualified for the type of aircraft they were selected for and earn the title of a Serbian Armed Forces pilot.

Citizens of the Republic of Serbia who have completed university and are willing to become the Serbian Armed Forces’ pilots will have the opportunity to apply for the job at the beginning of next month already when the competition will be announced for the admission of a new class of the Reserve Aviation Officers’ Training Course.

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